A history of remarkable craft

The story begins in 1845 when watchmakers Carl Matthæi and J. P. Christensen founded a watch company in Copenhagen. Matthæi Master of the Watchmaker’s Guild became personal purveyor to the Royal Danish Court supplying timepieces to King Frederik VII and Countess Danner. In 1919 watchmaker Axel O. Mathiesen took the helm bringing in new resources successfully renewing the company and initiating collaborations with some of the world’s finest and most important watch manufacturers in Switzerland.

Business relations build on friendship

In 1951 Ole Mathiesen finished his apprenticeship i Denmark and went to Switzerland where he worked for watch manufacturer Jaeger-LeCoultre and Vacheron Constantin. During his stay he developed a close friendship with Henri Stern president of Patek Philippe and after his return as a master watchmaker in 1953, the first business relations with Patek Philippe began.

Ole Mathiesen takes over

In 1953 Ole Mathiesen was appointed managing director of his fathers watch boutique and in 1957 he took charge of the family company. During these years Ole Mathiesen became the exclusive representative for Audemars Piguet and Piaget.

A new chapter

In 1962 Ole Mathiesen relocated the headquarters to the present location on Østergade and changed the company name to Ole Mathiesen Copenhagen. Celebrating the new boutique Ole Mathiesen designed his first classic timepieces with the intention to introduce a classic watch that was strong enough to find harmony in its own form a watch that was never pretentious neither in form nor price. These classic watches laid the cornerstone for what was to become the leading watch brand in Scandinavia.

Luxury brands are drawn to Copenhagen

During the 1960s Ole Mathiesen developed the relations to the swiss watch industry and his reputation and connections continued to evolve abroad. Beside representing Patek Philippe, JLC, IWC and Omega, Ole Mathiesen was appointed official retailer in 1965 for Vacheron Constantin, Chopard and Cartier.

Focus on the workmanship

During the 1980s the focus of ole mathiesen was on promoting the watch craftmanship … the quartz watch that was introduced in the 1970s was with its high precision sublime as a timekeeper but the history, tradition and quality that fine handmade workmanship represent is something very different. In 1984 Ole Mathiesen became the exclusive representative for Girard-Perregaux but also for the young watch company Hublot that merged precious materials with industrial rubber in their exclusive timepieces.

The revival of Danish Bienfacture

When the old Danish watch brand Urban Jürgensen was reintroduced by Peter Baumberger, Ole Mathiesen became one of very few exclusive retailers in the world, The brand which in the early 19th century was amongst the most exclusive had been in hibernation for a century but now was being revived with an extreme limited production for collectors only. A few years later - in 1993 - Ole Mathiesen became the first retailer in Scandinavia for the Italian jewelry and watch brand Bulgari.

Top 29 in the world

Through the 1990’s Ole Mathiesen developed a close friendship with Gunther Blumlein, CEO of IWC, JLC and A. Lange & Söhne. In 1995 Ole Mathiesen became the Agent for IWC in Scandinavia and in 1999 Ole Mathiesen was appointed A. Lange & Söhne retailer number 29 (with less than 10 retailers outside Germany).

The tradition continues with 3rd generation

In 2000 third generation - Christian Mathiesen - is appointed CEO and in 2003 he takes the helm of the family company. Working together father and son they further developed the style and expertise that has firmly entrenched the company at the pinnacle amongst Europes most exclusive watch boutiques.

By Appointment to the Royal Danish Court

In 2008 Ole Mathiesen was honored with the Royal Warrant – By Appointment to the Royal Danish Court. As a solid well-established company with an excellent reputation Ole Mathiesen is synonymous with traditional fine watch crafting and innovation. This tradition – the will and the ability to understand that a watch must be more than just an attractive possession – is why generation after generation is drawn to the small company in Copenhagen and its watches. It is a company with a rich history dating from Carl Matthæi in 1845 to Christian Mathiesen in the 21st century.

In Memoriam

Ole Mathiesen died on 24 October 2016 after a long, eventful life, always remarkable for his elegance and discretion that signaled singularity and quality. He was one of Scandinavia’s greatest personalities in the world of watches, and a highly respected figure in the field of horology and he is regarded as an important contributor to Danish design history.

100 years with unique timepieces and craft

In 2019 Ole Mathiesen celebrated the 100th anniversary of Axel Mathiesen founding his watch company in Copenhagen. The year marked Ole Mathiesen's long heritage with some of the finest watch brands in the world ... 100 years with IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Omega, almost 70 years with Patek Philippe and 20 years with A. Lange & Söhne.

The iconic Classic turns 60

In 2022 the company could celebrate that 60 years ago Ole Mathiesen designed his first classic watch which still today is admired throughout the world. As an homage to the original discreet version with line index three new ambience of jubilee models show off with a sunburst marine blue an olive green and a rose champagne dial – taking their styling cues from the original while defending its status as a modern icon.


The Ole Mathiesen watches

In 1962 Ole Mathiesen designed his first classic watch inspired by the famous Danish design traditions from that era - a design characterized by reduction. It is not a matter to finish when there is nothing left to add, but rather when there is nothing left to remove. This became the start of a series of Ole Mathiesen collections - explore on olemathiesen.com.

The House of Watches

In the heart of Copenhagen a beautiful 8 floor high neoclassical modernistic building has since 1962 been housing the Ole Mathiesen company. The simplicity of the building mirror the spirit of Ole Mathiesen beautifully and contributes to the special atmosphere of the exclusive end of the pedestrian street.

An exclusive experience

Entering the Ole Mathiesen boutique one is welcomed by the subtle surroundings making an elegant backdrop for the display of fine watches. Clients are invited to see the exposition of different exclusive watches set up in their own unique universes. The three boutique floors are connected with the most beautiful handmade mahagony staircase.

The quality in the detail

The house of watches combines design, artistry, watchmaking, and boutique into a whole experience. With focus on quality and heritage the stage where "time" is exhibited is decorated with discrete danish iconic classics - handmade quality that creates a beautiful background for the exclusive timepieces.

The service workshop

As they ply their trade the service watchmakers work with a view of the rooftops of Copenhagen. Each has their own specialty, and together they represent the know-how that makes the Ole Mathiesen workshop and the company unique, putting it in a class of its own in Scandinavia. As an authorized service workshop, Ole Mathiesen is withholding a long tradition for being able to service the world’s finest watches - to the ticking sound of watch mechanisms.

Aftersale service

The craftsmanship traditions are maintained when meticulous work is done with the fine mechanics of the watches. The fine handmade timepieces are designed to last for decades or centuries, however it takes its toll on a movement working relentlessly day in day out, so every four to five years, service and cleaning is needed.