The quest for precision

Master watchmakers design, develop and produce all the essential components of a Girard-Perregaux timepiece. Our exceptional movements make the invisible visible, revealing the art in precision engineering. A single movement can involve more than 400 intricate components, and a single component can have up to five different finishes.

Manufacturing time with Girard-Perregaux involves countless operations at the hands of artisans with truly rare crafts today. The watchmakers give life to the movements perpetually beating in each Girard-Perregaux. They craft and assemble hundreds of complex components, from the iconic bridges to tiny gear wheels, into works of timekeeping art.

The dial is the face of the watch, crafted into iconic tributes to the movements beating within. Guilloché, sandblasting, engraving and polishing are just some of the decorative processes involved. Each dial respects design codes that make each watch instantly recognisable to Girard-Perregaux.

Finally, bevellers meticulously erase any trace of machining from each surface. Every last wheel, the smallest pinion, the mightiest bridge - all are smoothed and polished calling upon centuries of tradition. Nowhere is the delicacy and complexity of this finishing more evident than our skeleton models that make the traditionally invisible complications visible parts of the watch.


First launched in 1975, the Laureato is a gem of sporty elegance. With its sleek lines and easy wearability in an integrated bracelet, the Laureato blends aesthetics and functionality as only Girard-Perregaux can do. In 2019, we launched the Absolute expression of the Laureato. Absolute because of its uncompromising features, the bold design is Laureato at its sportiest and most contemporary. From bold architectural steel and super-light high-tech titanium to the elegant classicism of pink gold and the radiant sparkle of brilliant-cut diamonds, the Laureato collection offers a fascinating material spectrum with universal appeal.