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Frequently Asked Questions


All movements used by Ole Mathiesen are high quality swiss manufactured movements.
Ambient temperature may affect the precision of quartz movements, which can lead to variations of less than one second per day. Note : If your quartz watch is exposed to a magnetic field it can affect the precision dramatically . see maintenance & repair / magnetic field.
Automatic watches have average precision tolerances of between 8-12 seconds per day. The precision of a mechanical movement depends on the individual habits of the wearer and can therefore vary. A qualified watchmaker can adjust the precision of a watch to within the Ole Mathiesen tolerances.

A quality watch is an investment to be enjoyed by you and future generations. In order to safeguard the integrity and longevity of your watch a regular service is recommended at intervals of between three and five years for mechanical watches and 5-7 years for quartz watches, depending on the type of watch and its general wear and tear. The battery in quartz watches however, normally last only two or three years – these watches will need to be returned more frequently for a battery change. Waterproof watches should have the water-resistance checked yearly and all seals replaced every second year.

You can find your closest authorized retailer with our store locator – see link to boutiques on the footer below. Alternatively, you can contact Ole Mathiesen for instructions on how to send your watch directly to our service center. You can find the contact details on the page footer.

Upon receipt, a specialist watchmaker identifies any functional or visible defects and then prepares a cost estimate for you. If you approve the scope of work as well as the costs, your watch will be repaired. The approximate lead-time for repairs is between six and eight weeks. The regular timeframe may be extended due to the waiting time of missing spare parts or information. Ole Mathiesen is service center for a number of international quality brands and some needs to be returned to the manufacturers in Switzerland which will extend the lead-time typically with app. four weeks. You will be notified if any delay should occur.

Your watch should not emit any sound besides a gentle ticktack. However, if what you are hearing is a matter for concern should be directed to a watchmaker. You will receive an expert’s opinion if you speak to a certified local authorized Ole Mathiesen retailer.

Leather is a natural material and subject to a natural ageing process. Especially if your watch is worn daily. Preventing it from frequent exposure to humidity, cosmetics and alike may avoid your leather strap from wearing out faster than expected. The normal lifetime of a leather strap is eight to fourteen month but it can be longer if you are not wearing the watch every day.

You can find the information about this on the returns & exchange page.

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