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A tribute to the Ole Mathiesen heritage which dates back to 1919. In stainless steel with Swiss automatic movement, beige dial with roman numerals, scratchproof convex sapphire crystal and a stainless steel. Size: diameter 40mm, height 10mm

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1919 Heritage

In 2014 Ole Mathiesen launched the 1919 Heritage collection as tribute to the year in which Axel O. Mathiesen started his watch business in the heart of Copenhagen and thus founded Ole Mathiesen. Faithfull to the beautiful timeless quality that lies in the well-proportioned details, is the 1919 Heritage collection a mix of classic feminine elegance combined with a sporty masculinity.

Swiss Made / Danish design

The classic Ole Mathiesen watch is considered a Danish design classic, claiming its place within the beautiful and internationally admired Danish design tradition. The watches have since 1962 been manufactured in Switzerland labeled with the prestigious "Swiss Made" mark.

Convex Dial

The convex dial is a trademark of Ole Mathiesen and rarely used by luxury watch manufacturers any more due to the complexity in construction. The convex shape gives an extra feeling of depth and a "soft" expression - with a clear reference to the classic watch design from the 1960s.

Scratchproof Sapphire crystal

The scratchresistant Ole Mathiesen sapphire crystal is carved from a solid block into a convex shape in order to increase the strength as well as to reduce reflections in the crystal.

Quartz or Automatic movement

The timepieces either comes with an automatic movement or an ultra-thin Swiss quartz movement that secures a consistently precise timekeeping.

Stainless steel

The stainless steel case is manufactured in the low carbon steel alloy 316L which is commenly used in Pharmaceuticals, Marine applications as well as Medical implants. The cutting and machining operations is followed by a series of hand-finished operations like polishing, circular satin brushed and matbrushed finish inside and outside.

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