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The Le Ballon collection from Ole Mathiesen is a celebration of life and a wish to create a beautiful poetic form with a pioneering spirit through our design, details and ethics. Petit Ballon Rose Quartz ring is handmade in 18 carat FAIRMINED gold with a unique Ballon cut 6mm, 1.5 carat Rose Quartz with facet cut in the socket and a secure locking system safeguarding the stone.

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The Ole Mathiesen LeBallon work is handmade in Scandinavia. Every stone is made with a special “LeBallon” cut and are polished individually, ensuring that the mounting of the stone is not visible. During the cutting process, the stone is facetted on the undersurface, so that a refined play of light is generated from inside the stone.

Fairmined gold

The Ole Mathiesen LeBallon jewellery collection is exclusively made with 18 carat FAIRMINED gold, and by doing so, Ole Mathiesen supports the certified miners and their families. The standard has strict requirements for social development, environmental protection, working conditions and economic development in the mining operation.

Integrated lock

Every stone has a unique and special “LeBallon” cut with an invisible and integrated locking system that insure the stones from falling out. The gemstones in the LeBallon collection have a hardness of 7-8 on the Mohs scale (diamond have a hardness of 10), however in the Grand Ballon ring collection - due to the size and the exposure of the stone - it is important to wear with consideration.

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Ring size

50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58