The wonderful world of the Balloon

In 2015 Ole Mathiesen launched their first high jewellery collection LeBallon in Fairmined 18 carat gold

The balloon charms its way into your heart, so innocent, yet so powerful in its symbolism. It lifts higher and higher, a visible reminder of life, love, laughter and eternal joy.
It has many metaphorical meanings, especially the ability to hold on to something and then release it. It is delicate and feminine and also straight-forward and masculine.
When it rises, it symbolizes freedom and adventure, and at the same time, spiritual and intellectual liberation. But, in the end, a balloon is just a balloon.The simple, round form served as an ideal inspiration for the designer Alidra Alic and Ole Mathiesen, who started developing the jewellery collection, LeBallon, a few years ago.

Since 2012, designer Alidra Alic has together with Ole Mathiesen developed the jewellery collection, LeBallon, which was launched in 2015. The collection exemplifies the classic, timeless and modern attributes of Ole Mathiesen, combined with the sensitive, feminine contours of Alidra Alic, creating a unique mode of expression. LeBallon is a celebration of life and the fulfilment of a desire to make poetic designs of exquisite quality.
The jewellery work is fabricated in Scandinavia, and Ole Mathiesen has exclusively used FAIRMINED 18 carat gold. Every stone is polished individually, ensuring that the mounting of the stone is not visible. During the cutting process, the stone is facetted on the undersurface, so that a refined play of light is generated from inside the stone.
LeBallon is a unique collection of stones in wonderful range colours that put off a shimmering glow. LeBallon is the perfect interpretation of a feminine and spirited elegance. At present, Ole Mathiesen is the only Scandinavian watch and jewellery brand that uses only FAIRMINED gold, and by doing so, supports certified miners and their families. The standard has strict requirements for social development, environmental protection, working conditions and economic development in the mining operation.
With its vibrant coloured stones that adorn the pure design, the LeBallon collection puts a woman in a good light.
The visual impression attracts attention with its elegant. No need to flaunt it. That is typical of Ole Mathiesen.