In memory of Ole Mathiesen

After a long and eventful life Ole Mathiesen passed away the 24th of October 2016 – we pay tribute for his remarkable elegance and discretion as one of the leading personalities in the history of Scandinavian Horology.

When Ole Mathiesen described the intention behind the watch that is now regarded as an icon in the history of Danish design,he wanted to “…introduce a classic watch that was strong enough to find harmony in its own form – a watch that would never be pretentious in form or price.” The traits of the watch were also the defining characteristics of his personality.

Ole Mathiesen died on 24 October 2016 after a long, eventful life, which was like his watches in many ways – remarkable for elegance and discretion that signal singularity and quality. He was one of Scandinavia’s greatest personalities in the world of watches, and a highly respected figure in the field of horology (the art or science of measuring time). Ole Mathiesen is regarded as an important contributor to Danish design history.

Born in Hellerup in 1930, Ole Mathiesen was the oldest son of master watchmaker Axel Mathiesen. In 1951, he followed in his family’s footsteps and became a qualified watchmaker. After completing his craft’s apprenticeship, he moved to Switzerland, and it was with the Swiss watchmanufacturer, Jaeger-LeCoultre, that his talent became apparent to everybody. In 1958, he took over executive responsibility for the family business, and in 1962, Ole Mathiesen designed a collection of fine, timeless watches that are still lauded for their modern design and have since obtained the status of classics. The watches belong to the internationally admired Danish design and tradition and aesthetic. Ever since his first collection, the success of Ole Mathiesen’s design has continued non-stop and is still going strong. It will continue to serve as a reminder of his visionary talent well into the future.