A Rendez Vous with



Article from Ole Mathiesen Magazine vol. 23

The liberated, spontaneous look of Jaeger-LeCoultre´s Rendez-Vous is ever-evolving and suprising. The watch evokes a wide array of personalities, looking just as treat with a T-shirt and jeans as with a stylish cocktail dress. Wit the words:

 “Women have a date with time- their own time” 

Le-Coultre signals that this is a watch for all 24 hours of a woman´s day.

Ole Mathiesen pays tribute to the first generation founder of the family business, Axel O. Mathiesen, with the 1919 Heritage collection.
Nineteen-nineteen was the year when Axel O. Mathiesen took over the distinguished Copenhagen based watch company Alvild Dahl, Christensen & Matthæis Successors. People started wearing watches on their wrists at that time, and that was also when the fluid Art Nouveau lines were transforming into the Art Deco style. It was an unstable period with great changes in politics, culture and lifestyle.


In the heart of Vallée de Joux, a refuge far from the hectic buzz of the big city where time is not counted in units but rather flows along a steady continuum, Jaeger-LeCoultre stays true to its roots. Here, genuine watchmaking craftsmanship transcends time and brings us masterpieces such as the Rendez-Vous collection, where mechanichs ans aesthetics unite with disarming – and charming-harmony. The feminine details of the watch give rise to the graceful Rendez-Vous silhouette, while the perfectly matching case and dial set an impeccable stage for the mechanical movement. Renowned for producing some of the world´s finest mechanical movements, Jaeger-LeCoultre is among an elite few watchmakers where everything is developed, produced and assembled in-house.


Departing the masculine tilt of Jaeger-LeCoultre´s operations, the Rendez-Vous series exudes a feminine viscerality.  Every detail of Rendez-Vous is given meticulous and uncompromising attention, as seen in the surfacing of the numerous movement parts. In the middle of the dial´s hand-crafted decoration reflecting the finest traditions, we find a moonphase indicator. Time quietly takes its place, bathed in the glimmering light of the diamond-studded bezel that illuminates every moment – ever-attuned to the woman´s “Rendez-Vous with time”. Rendez-Vous is deeply inspired by the Art Deco movement, where Jaeger-LeCoultre finds stylistic essence and brings beauty to the passage of time.


The moon and stars hold a special place in the world of Jaeger-LeCoultre because of the extraordinary clarity of the night sky in Vallée de Joux in Switzerland, the home of their watchmaking factory since 1833. Their watchmakers and artisans have returned to the heavenly theme this year, with a dazzling reinterpretation of one of the most beloved astronomical complications: the moonphase. Their latest model, “The Dazzling Rendez-Vous Moon”, pays homage to feminine strength and beauty, presenting Jaeger-LeCoultre´s emblematic moonphase function in a magnificant new frame. The icy spark of diamonds against glowing white mother of pearl exudes romance and femininity, like an echo of the nighttime sky´s tranquil beauty. The 108 diamonds in the watch bezel form two concentric rings around the watch. The ethereal quality of these sparkling circles comes from the prongs and setting of the precious gems, based on a 1920´s technique that requires painstaking precision. The design maximizes the perception of each individual gem and allows light to pass through the diamonds high, giving the impression that hey are floating around the watch rather than fastened to it. The lavish, fully-studded strap is a true masterpiece: Jaeger-LeCoultre´s jewelers have set no fewer than 310 diamonds (22.27 carats) in a river of diamonds, that envelops the wrist as softly as silk ribbon.