A history of remarkable craft

Through three generations Ole Mathiesen have preserved an exceptional degree of continuity and maintained a great admiration for traditional watch craftsmanship, new technology and aesthetic design. The first Ole Mathiesen watches was designed in 1962 but our history dates back to 1845.

By Appointment to the Royal Danish Court

We have carefully guarded our heritage, and even more important, our commitment to our customers and are today considered one of Europe’s most exclusive purveyors of the finest handmade watches in the world. Starting with the year of 1845 we continue the tradition of crafting unique watches and jewellery.

How Ole Mathiesen started


The Foundation
The proud watchmaker traditions of the company Ole Mathiesen can be dated back to 1845, when watchmaker Carl Matthæi and J. P. Christensen founded a watch company in Copenhagen. Master of the watchmakers guild Carl Matthæi became “Supplier to the Royal Danish Court” supplying timepieces to King Frederik the VII and Countess Danner. Alvild Dahl, Christensen and Matthæis Successors was in 1919 taken over by Axel Mathiesen and later his son Ole Mathiesen.


The Start Of The Mathiesen Era
Until 1919 Alvild Dahl, Christensen and Matthæis Successors produced and serviced pocketwatches and chronometers but in 1919 when watchmaker Axel O. Mathiesen took over the helm of the company with resource and success, he began to manufacture quality wristwatches in corporation with Swiss watch companies.


The Second Generation
In 1957, a new generation joined the circle of proprietors of the company with the son Ole Mathiesen. Qualified as a master watchmaker he followed in the watchmaking footsteps with watchmaking genius from working experience gained at the Swiss watch manufacturer Jaeger-LeCoultre. With a clever premonition Ole Mathiesen moved the headquarter a few years later to the present location in Østergade – a location that has become the most exclusive in Copenhagen.


The Birth of an Icon
Ole Mathiesen set out by designing a collection of the finest timely yet timeless classical watches. And almost 50 years later, in the same shape and design, the watches are still met with high admiration. The company has since specialized in production and distribution of Swiss watches. The aim first and foremost has been a quest for quality. With a dedication to the tradition of fine watchmaking, new technology and aesthetic performance Ole Mathiesen became the exclusive representative in Denmark for the finest European watch brands.


The First Danish Watch Magazine
Since 1998 Ole Mathiesen has produced their own magazine. The prizewinning magazine is the only Danish national magazine about quality watches. Today it is published twice a year by Ole Mathiesen in 90.000 copies – and distributed nationally. It tell the story the watches doesn’t reveal. The traditions, thoughts and handicraft that make some watches more expensive than others.


The Third Generation
In 2000 Christian Mathiesen, the third generation of the family to join the business, designed the first waterproof Ole Mathiesen sports watch with automatic movement. OMS signified the new generation of Ole Mathiesen watches that combine the nature of sport with pure, classic Scandinavian virtues. OMS continues the tradition and confirms Ole Mathiesen’s role as the leading Danish watch company with a quality that is highlighted by a modest but honest and straight forward design.


A New Era Of Ole Mathiesen
In 2002 Christian Mathiesen becomes the new CEO of the company. Since 1998, Christian Mathiesen has represented the third generation, and together with his father Ole Mathiesen, they have developed the know-how which has placed the company, Ole Mathiesen, at the top of the Danish watch making industry. Through three generations, the company has maintained a unique continuity and, as a watch company for more than 40 years, it has retained a great admiration for the tradition of fine watch making, new technology and aesthetic performance.


The Prize Winner
For more than 40 years the name Ole Mathiesen has signified reliability and credibility. At the same time the company has gained an international reputation as a supplier of classic Danish design. In 2004 Ole Mathiesen was honoured with The Classics Prize for the classic design of the Ole Mathiesen watches, which has been through the decades present in Danish Design Classics.


By Appointment To The Royal Danish Court
In 2008 Ole Mathiesen was honoured with the Royal warrant – By Appointment to the Royal Danish Court. As a solid well-established company with a good public reputation Ole Mathiesen is on one hand equated with traditional fine watch crafting and on the other hand it is equated with innovation. It is the tradition, the will and the ability to understand that a watch needs to be more than just an attractive possession that explain why several generations are still attracted to the small company in Copenhagen and the watches that originate from that place – this together with a history that dates from Carl Matthæi in 1845 to Christian Mathiesen in the 21. century was hounered with the Royal Warrant.


Royal Marine Collection
In 2012 Ole Mathiesen pays homage to the legendary Classic from 1962 with the new waterproof classic Royal Marine. Still slim and elegant the classic Royal Marine is a tribute to the appointment to the Royal Danish Court.


1919 Heritage Collection
At the 95 years anniversary the 1919 collection is presented as a tribute to Axel O Mathiesen and our heritage. Faithful to the beautiful, timeless quality that lies in the well proportioned details – 1919 melds classic elegance with masculine sportiness.


Creation Of A Feminine Jewellery Collection
In 2015 – after 3 years of development – Ole Mathiesen launch their first jewellery collection “Le Ballon”. The Ole Mathiesen design of classic timeless beauty has remained strikingly contemporary across the decades – together with the delicate feminine design of Alidra Alic, the Le Ballon collection was developed with a pioneer spirit both in design details, aesthetics and ethics.


The Launch Of The First Divers Watch
In 2017, Ole Mathiesen launch their first divers watch – 1919 Navy Diver – and the design team moves out of its comfort zone. The result is an elegant, understated sports watch. 1919 Navy Diver is a distinctive, masculine, dynamic and professional line of sports watches with a tradition that dates back to the 1960s but is set for the undersea adventures of 2017.