The birth of a Classic

The 1962 Classic is a contemporary witness to the classic line of Ole Mathiesen watches, which has been in existence since 1962. 

The simple, yet undeniable, aesthetic appeal of the 1962 Classic is underscored by its timeless elegance. The 1962 Classic is a true watch legend that stylistically comes as close as possible to the perfect ideal of a good watch design and is the base upon which the brand has been developed.

The classic Ole Mathiesen watch from the 1960s, the 1980s and the latest version from 2000

Ole Mathiesen designed his first watch in 1962 with the clear intention of introducing an enduring timepiece – strong enough to find harmony in its own form, never pretentious, neither in form nor price. An Ole Mathiesen watch submits to its wearer. The focus on the essentials and its pure and simple forms demonstrate its adherence to the principles of minimalist design. Every watch is assembled with components made from natural materials that work well together. Each unit of the watch is completed with excellence, including the slightly curved dial, the black metallic hands, and the convex scratchproof sapphire crystal.

The puristic 1962 Classic line, which combines a timeless, elegant design language with an ultimate degree of craftmanship, is considered to be a Danish design classic,  claiming its place within the beautiful and internationally admired Danish design tradition, and as one of the few watches which epitomizes good taste regardless of prevailing trends. Because only true values endure. Its characteristic design elements are nonnegotiable.