An o Sai Gon | Eat in Sai Gon
BZERO1 is informal and elegant at the same time. Spirals, with their movement, give the objects a peculiarity that makes them unique
BZERO1 - the must-have Bulgari line, contains all the key elements of Bulgari style
SERPENTI created in the form of a snake, is one of Bulgari’s most emblematic and eternal symbols
SERPENTI with the snake motif represents everything from birth, rebirth, beauty, sex appeal, and wisdom in Greek mythology and Roman civilization
SASSI - the Mediterranean Eden Collection with precious symbols, colors and materials
PARENTESI COCKTAIL 18kt white gold bracelet with blue topazes, green quartz, amethysts and pavé diamonds
MONETE with the contrast of contemporary design and the history of ancient coins from Greece
ALLEGRA - Italian for happy - has sprung from nature. It provides a kaleidoscope of colour and unconventional designs